You are currently viewing Digital Storytelling for Businesses Workshop August 4 2023

Digital Storytelling for Businesses Workshop August 4 2023

The Story People Full Day Workshop August 4th 2023

Join us for a full day storytelling and production workshop designed to enhance your on camera storytelling skills and learn how to create professional quality videos using your smartphone. Learn how to craft your message for your media and marketing and look at how to use your existing technology to take your promotional, educational or sales content to the next level!  

What you’ll experience:

You’ll learn how to tap into your unique story to enable you to stand out from your competitors, proven frameworks to help you script sales content without ever feeling like you’re ‘selling’, plus all of the hacks, tips and tricks you need to take your content production to the next level including simple lighting and sound hacks, editing and even graphics creation! Plus we’ll share topic ideas, show you the top 6 types of video content you should be sharing and help you create a bespoke video content plan to set you off in the right direction!

Led by experienced storytelling experts Pete Ward and Monique Bradley, this interactive workshop will provide you with the tools, skills, and techniques you need to become an effective digital storyteller, guaranteed!

In each workshop, you will:

  • Learn a variety of storytelling elements and techniques and how to craft a compelling narrative
  • Develop your storytelling skills through practice exercises and expert guidance
  • Explore different contexts and purposes of storytelling for media, marketing, and public speaking
  • Discover techniques for engaging and connecting with your audience through storytelling
  • Best practices for digital storytelling production using your smartphone
  • Lighting, sound, basic editing and graphics
  • Creating a content calendar

PLUS our proven methodology based on the Psychology of Sales – ‘the 5 I’s’ – that helps your create authentic sales content without ever feeling like you have to sell!

You’ll do peer to peer presentations of your ideas, develop your scripts, and finish the day with content ready to share on your website and in your social media!

Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or marketer looking to create more engaging campaigns, a media professional seeking to craft more compelling stories, or a public speaker looking to captivate your audience, this workshop is for you. 

Investment: $395