The Story People


At The Story People, we believe in the transformative power of stories. Stories have the unique ability to inspire, motivate, connect, and educate, fostering a deeper understanding of the world around us. Our platform and collective are dedicated to empowering individuals within brands, businesses and industries to become master storytellers, unlocking the full potential of this ancient art form.  Changing your world, one story at a time.

Who We Work With


When you are or desire to be the face and voice of your brand, we work with you to achieve this. Speakers, trainers, authors, coaches and educators all benefit from our coach the coaches and train the trainers programs.


Leaders, Executives, Team Leaders in any business can benefit from our business training and empowerment sessions. Whether in real life or virtual, our business training aims to increase potential and business outcomes.


Industry partners work with us as we understand the needs of each individual industry. From tourism, building and manufacturing through to Government departments, our training provides the optimal results.


Stories are more than narratives; they are vessels of human experience, carrying the wisdom of cultures, the resilience of individuals, and the essence of shared emotions. Whether you’re an aspiring storyteller, a seasoned professional, or simply curious about the magic of storytelling, our global education platform welcomes you.

stories that connect


You only have 30 seconds to capture anybody's attention. Leading with your well crafted story creates intrigue and interest - the lean in effect - where people want to know more. This is great at the top of the sales funnel, sharing your brand with humour for example.

stories that engage


Once you have somebody's attention, stories allow you to deepen that engagement. You can use stories to entertain, inform, educate and more. In the middle of the sales funnel, you can add value to peoples' lives and this will lead them towards conversion.

stories that transform


Stories for the point of stories is not enough, you need an outcome, a transformation if you will. Be that a sale, a booking, likes on a post or video, however you want to measure it. Some stories are stories of transformation and some stories are the end product of that transformatio.


For Solopreneurs and Small Businesses Looking to advance and grow

Dive deep into the essence of your brand with our bespoke branding and digital positioning strategies. We specialize in personal branding and media training, equipping you with the skills to create compelling content that resonates with your audience. Let's get your story out there and turn your brand into an unforgettable narrative.

For Businesses Seeking Engagement And Culture Enhancement

Elevate your workplace with our interactive storytelling workshops. Designed to enhance team engagement and strengthen workplace culture, our sessions provide the tools for authentic communication and shared storytelling. Transform your organization into a cohesive unit, united by a common narrative.

For Larger Organisations Needing Formalised Training Solutions

Streamline your internal training and education programs with our comprehensive content development services. From OSH training and onboarding to meeting protocols, we specialize in condensing and formalizing your processes into engaging video training resources, supported by a robust learning management system.


Your Stories

At The Story People, we believe that everyone has a story worth telling. Your experiences, insights, and unique perspective contribute to the collective narrative of humanity. Join us on this transformative journey, where stories are not just told—they’re experienced, shared, and celebrated.



Personal stories are a great way to show yourself as a 3 dimensional person, letting your ideal customers and clients see you as more than just a provider. They can be great for keynotes as well as blogs as they help to build trust and empathy, allowing a greater chance of engaging with you.



Business stories are the best tool to use to share your origin story or the "why" behind your brand, why you got into business and how you help change the world. They help you become more than just an unknown entity on the other side of your marketing, social media or website.

multi cultural hands


The world is a wonderful mix of so many diverse cultures and experiences. Sharing cultural stories leads to greater understanding of how others live and the values that we can learn from everybody regardless of where they live and and the language they speak, bringing our world together as a collective.

Join Our Collective


Join our community website and join in with our online everts and in real life get togethers, storytelling showcases and contribute to our forums and showcases, comment and share your own feedback and experiences as you grow as storytellers


Learn the art and craft of storytelling from the best of the best. Our collective has brought together world class practitioners and instructors. We offer online, virtual and in real life learning to master your storytelling through our educational pathways to success.


As a partner in our collective and a facilitator, you have the opportunity to change lives and bring your amazing storytelling abilities to the world while being part of a global network of like minded people. Changing their world, one story at a time.