Welcome To The Story Studio

Situated in Ponsonby Auckland, the Story People  Story Studio is the perfect safe haven to tell your story.  Whether you are a business, a brand, a coach or speaker or you simply just want to share your story with the world, you’ve come to the right place.

Sitting having a yarn with guests, shooting a podcast, a TV show, a video series, online learning or maybe even your own TED style talk, it’s all possible.

Technical Specifications

The studio is a multi camera setup (up to 5 cameras including a PTZ) based around Blackmagic studio cameras and ATEM live switcher. We tend to shoot all of our interviews and shows “as live” so we all save time and money on editing as the multicam cut is ready at the end of the shoot.  Of course we can provide editing services as well. The studio has lighting for TV and the set features 2 single chairs and a 3 seater couch.  All can be arranged as needed.


For podcasting, we can supply a round table with chairs and up to 4 podcasting microphones from Rode.  Product demonstration can be done using the PTZ camera for multiple shots including panning and zooming live during the show.  2 wireless lapel microphones are available as well as 4 wired lapel mics (no battery changes for longer shows).

All content is recored into 3 cameras (called isolated recording or ISO) and the final live cut is recorded on a Blackmagic Hyperdeck as well as direct to disk from the ATEM and to hard drive through the final graphics application called Mimolive.

More Techo Stuff

Mimolive stands for multi in multi out and has been available as a Mac only application since 2008 – starting out as BoinxTV. Stingers, logos, lower thirds, video embeds and live streaming are all delivered from Mimolive as the last in the chain.  To help with your storytelling, we provide 2 large TV screens, 1 as a confidence monitor (so you can see yourself and guests) and 1 with the multiview of cameras including a timer that can be set to normal time, count up timer or count down to zero to suit your style and needs.  The multiview also helps if you have powerpoint or videos to play so you can see them ready to go.

However at the end of the day it’s you and your story that matters so it’s our job to help you forget that the equipment is even there and let you concentrate on telling your most authentic and engaging story.

The Kitchen Set

We have a small kitchen on the side of the studio where demonstrations can be held and filmed. All cameras and monitors are repositioned for capture. Just a note it’s not usually possible to move from 1 set to the kitchen set during a live broadcast as they need to be reset each time.

About The Story People

About The Story People

About The Story People