Storytelling Packages

storytelling packages

Storytelling means something different to everybody.  Whether you are starting out with your brand, looking to refresh your story and connect your brand to your why or if you are looking to increase sales by communicating your why across multiple channels including social and TV.

We have found that in as little as 10 hours of working with us, people have completely re-imaged their entire business – and sometime personal life – around our storytelling principals.

Storytelling PACKAGES


Our way of working builds across 3 streams.  First, we always help you Get Your Story Straight with our 2 hour storytelling educational.  We look at your motivations, your why, your content ideas and your outcomes – what do you want to achieve and where do you want your story to end up.  This may take the initial 2 hours or we may need to book further time to complete and review scripts and video ideas, plan online course content or rehearse and review keynotes and elevator pitches before you go on camera or on stage.


Next we add digital storytelling into the mix.  Here is where you go on camera as defined in your initial outcomes session.  The type of video content varies depending on your needs.  Whether it is you personally on camera or one of our talent – for example in an advertorial – or an interview or testimonial of your customers, we take care of all the capture and editing for you.


Your content is your own of course, however we own and have access to multiple channels of distribution that you can take advantage of and extend your reach.  For example, we have a monetised Youtube channel, an ecommerce platform, an online magazine and we have partnered with Face TV Sky channel 83 (NZ only).  We have multiple TV shows in production and we handle your advertising through digital and TV.  Depending on your video content, Youtube display and video advertising can be one of the most effective ways to reach a new and engaged audience.

Stream 1: CRAFTING

storytelling workshops

Get your story straight – Let’s define your outcomes.

Storytelling Educational

We always start here with a 2 hour “Get Your Story Straight” educational.  We define our goals and outcomes and we define the project length and we craft your scripts.  If needed we book further hourly sessions.

Possible Outcomes

Stream 2: CAPTURE

we do famous craft your story

Digital Storytelling – Let’s get your story recorded through video.

Digital Storytelling

Our second storytelling package always includes the Get Your Story Straight session and moves into digital storytelling capture.  Here’s where you go on camera.  But it’s ok we are right here with you.

Possible Videos

Stream3: Publish

the story people publishing

Tell the world your story – Get your story in front of the right audience

Storytelling Distribution

Storytelling can reach and change the world.  Now you have your digital story assets, it’s time to decide what to do with them.  Along with your own channels, we have many options including digital and TV.

Possible Distribution


Package 1

Story Crafting

Get your story straight
$Only 590
/ 2 hours
  • 2 hours initial session
  • Build your story
  • Book further sessions as needed

Package 2

Story Capture

Digital storytelling
$From 295
/ Options available
  • Studio and location
  • Own your content
  • Go on camera or let us be your talent for you

Package 3

Story Distribution

Publish your stories
$From 118
/ Options available
  • Face TVSky 83
  • Advertising
  • Be seen, heard and remembered