Personal Brand Development Coaching Initial Session

$590 (Inc tax)

Reimage your personal brand with our brand development program.  Initial 2 hour discovery meeting then coaching sessions available for personalised coaching 2 on 1 either singularly or as a 10 session concession plan.


Personal Brand Development Coaching Initial Session

Ready to get yourself out there? We specialise in helping people tell authentic stories that build connections and drive business results. Personal brand development is based on your own personality or offerings and a strong personal brand is what sets you apart from your competitors in the market.

You may be a business owner or entrepreneur, influencer, coach, speaker or you use your name in your brand and you need to stand out. Your brand is also your product as you are selling yourself, your knowledge and expertise. Sound like you? Then read on!


In our initial 2 hour session, we do a deep dive into your story and your business, and uncover:

  • Your unique voice and tone based on your personality style
  • We help you clarify your key messages and content pillars
  • We look at what’s missing in your digital presence to help support you in getting your message out there: content, social media and your website
  • Plus we work with you to create an action plan of next steps

Investment: $590 

Includes Wealth Dynamics Profiling Test valued at $97 USD


Over the following sessions, we then help you take those vital next steps and turn ideas into action through active coaching. 

This can include:

  • Brand re-building with you across your website and social media
  • Content creation planning and training for social media
  • The 5I’s methodology training for content creation, advertising, writing and speaking
  • On-camera presentation training
  • Keynote development

Plus, book a 10 session package and we’ll feature you on TV Chat Show ‘Guide ToBetter Living’ valued at $1500!