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Stories that connect

Captivate and capture the attention of your next audience, customer or client by using storytelling to promote your brand, business and products. Storytelling helps you be seen, heard and remembered.

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Stories that engage

Create an engaged and connected customer base through the use of storytelling that goes beyond features and benefits. Authentic stories allow people to form an empathetic connection and remember, people buy from people

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Stories that transform

A successful storytelling campaign will bring about a profound transformation in your audience, clients, leaders or teams. Combine the art and craft of storytelling with applied theatre, neuroscience, technology, marketing practices and the psychology of sales.

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At The Story People, we believe in the transformative power of stories. Stories have the unique ability to inspire, motivate, connect, and educate, fostering a deeper understanding of the world around us. Our platform and community are dedicated to empowering individuals to become master storytellers, unlocking the full potential of this ancient art form.


Stories are more than narratives; they are vessels of human experience, carrying the wisdom of cultures, the resilience of individuals, and the essence of shared emotions. Whether you’re an aspiring storyteller, a seasoned professional, or simply curious about the magic of storytelling, our global education platform welcomes you.

stories that connect


You only have 30 seconds to capture anybody's attention. Leading with your well crafted story creates intrigue and interest - the lean in effect - where people want to know more. This is great at the top of the sales funnel, sharing your brand with humour for example.

stories that engage


Once you have somebody's attention, stories allow you to deepen that engagement. You can use stories to entertain, inform, educate and more. In the middle of the sales funnel, you can add value to peoples' lives and this will lead them towards conversion.

stories that transform


Stories for the point of stories is not enough, you need an outcome, a transformation if you will. Be that a sale, a booking, likes on a post or video, however you want to measure it. Some stories are stories of transformation and some stories are the end product of that transformatio.



Access comprehensive courses and resources designed to enhance your storytelling skills. From the basics of crafting a compelling narrative to advanced techniques that captivate audiences, our courses cater to all levels of expertise.


Join a diverse and supportive community of storytellers from around the globe. Share your insights, learn from others, and collaborate to create stories that resonate on a universal level.

Live Events

From stand-up comedy or open mic night style events to corporate keynotes and presentations, we help you prepare and perform for every situation and invite you to be part of ours.


Immerse yourself in a world of inspiration. Explore stories that have shaped cultures, changed perspectives, and left a lasting impact. Engage with thought leaders and industry experts who share their insights on the art and craft of storytelling.


Discover how storytelling can be a powerful tool for positive change. Whether you're looking to promote a cause, enhance your brand, or simply connect with others on a deeper level, we provide the resources and guidance to help you make a meaningful impact.


Your Stories

At The Story People, we believe that everyone has a story worth telling. Your experiences, insights, and unique perspective contribute to the collective narrative of humanity. Join us on this transformative journey, where stories are not just told—they’re experienced, shared, and celebrated.



Personal stories are a great way to show yourself as a 3 dimensional person, letting your ideal customers and clients see you as more than just a provider. They can be great for keynotes as well as blogs as they help to build trust and empathy, allowing a greater chance of engaging with you.



Business stories are the best tool to use to share your origin story or the "why" behind your brand, why you got into business and how you help change the world. They help you become more than just an unknown entity on the other side of your marketing, social media or website.

multi cultural hands


The world is a wonderful mix of so many diverse cultures and experiences. Sharing cultral stories leads to greater understanding of how others live and the values that we can learn from everybody regardless of where they live and and the lanuage they speak.

Upcoming workshops and events

We help You develop stories and Storytelling For

Personal Brands

personal brand on camera-2

Personal brands are based around your own personality or offerings. Maybe you are an influencer, coach, speaker or you use your name in your brand and need to stand out. usually your brand is also your product, you are selling yourself.


Business Brands

speaking to an audience-1

Business brands often have multiple products and offerings under the umbrella of the business brand, however the main business brand is more important than the products.
The business brand is the one you want on everybody’s lips by focussing on building brand equity.


Product Brands

selling products-1

Product brands have distinct needs for promotion and branding as each product needs to be the “HERO”. Learn how to stand out as the go to product in your vertical. Sometimes your business is also your product, it only matters that people know.


WORKing with Us

We base our workflow on our 5 Rs methodology. The Right Message in the Right Content on the Right Platform to the Right People at the Right Time.


Using our unique formula based on our 5 Is, we help you craft your message to be authentic.


Your content needs to be engaging and memorable, storytelling does this for you helping you to connect.


Choose your platform and treat it like you are going fishing, you need the right bait for the right fish in the right place.


We have audiences, we have engagement, you can use these to boost your own engagement and traffic.


Build your market share with our one off campaigns or consider monthy campaigns to drive your success.

Digital Storytelling Examples

At a basic level digital storytelling means using technology to tell stories. You can tell digital stories in many ways, for example: through text on a website or social media tool, through narration and images in a video, or through narration in a podcast.

Digital stories are not just facts presented with accompanying images, they are narratives crafted to take the listener or reader on a journey. Just like a novel or a documentary, digital stories have a plot, characters, and themes.

From workshops and courses to one-on-one coaching, we are committed to helping you become a more effective communicator and storyteller.


We empower individuals,  businesses, leaders and teams to excel using a holistic approach that combines expert communication strategies, creative storytelling, technical solutions, and personalised guidance, enabling them to authentically connect with their audience, clients and each other, driving awareness and engagement, and supporting their sales process.


Pete Ward is the resident Digital Storyteller, Technical Director and trainer. With over 25 years in IT, Pete is the translator between the board room and the server room.  Able to educate, explaining complex IT stuff in every day language, As a digital storyteller, Pete is across for a variety of disciplines, videography, live broadcasting, marketing made simple and more traditional digital marketing functions such as websites and advertising.
pete ward story teller
Pete Ward
Monique Bradley is the Content Director, storyteller and Conscious Communications Coach who brings her extraordinary skills in language, communication and inherent understanding of storytelling and brand management to the table with many clients often commenting ‘I wish I could say that like you did!’  Monique has worked in media and entertainment for more than 25 years, is a multi award winning performer and entertainer.
monique bradely storyteller
Monique Bradley

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